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    Hiding A Field



      Hiding A Field



           I'm wondering if it's possible to hide a field that I need to be present on a layout.

           The field is used to receive data from a barcode scanner. I do not want it to be outlined or highlighted when selected.




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               Yes, you can hide fields in many ways, depending on your FMP version.

               A field can have data entered with out being outlined or highlited when filled by a script step, like Set Field.  On Layout remove mark on Browse Mode and make your field outline "empty" or same color as the background color.  This a simple way to prevent User from entering by keyboard and still magically appear when filled in by the scanner.


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                 I'm using FMP 11. I've changed my field borders to White and they still show up as black when the field is selected.  Any thoughts?

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                   It's not very clear what you want. If you don't want to see anything then don't put the field on the layout. You can still enter data in it using 'Set Field'.

                   If you want to see the content of the field without being able to select it, then disable 'Browse Mode' in the inspector, tab 'Data', section 'Behavior'.

                   Or use a merge field.

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                     So what I've got setup is as follows.


                     There's a field to capture the data from a barcode scanner. While in this field pressing enter runs the find for the data within that field.

                     The client does not want this field to be visible so that it looks as if the content just shows up.

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                       When you're in a field it is selected and that will always be visible. Make it a merge field and add a button to start the script.

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                         You don't have to be "focused" or selected in the field.  Just press the button and add to the script Set Field [YourbarCode.....  The script will do the insert.  Do what i said and hbrendel clarified how to "uncheck Browse mode" with the field you want to hide "selected"


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                           Thanks figured it out!