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    Hiding a field when printing



      Hiding a field when printing


      Let's just say that I would appreciate any feedback without the tech talk - I won't understand (sorry). I am tasked with Filemaker but I do not have a background in computer programming/databases etc. . Most of the time I can figure out what I need but for the last couple of day I am stuck. 

      I have created a script.  Here is all I want - if some of my fields are blank I do NOT want them to print on the report and I WANT them to move up and fill in the white space so the report is not very long.  I would assume this is possible but everything I have tried (by reading in the forum and google searches) does not work.  




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          Timothy Bentley

          If you have Pro 13, you can set the hide condition (on the data tab) for the field (and label if applicable) to something like Field = blank. On the position tab, you can select sliding up based on all objects above and also resize enclosing part. Note that the sliding will only occur when printing or in preview mode, not in browse mode.

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            Key facts about sliding layout objects:

            1. It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
            3. Sliding fields will shrink but not expand.
            5. All layout objects below and in the same layout part as the slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
            7. Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
            9. Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
            11. Fields will slide up only if Top alignment is specified for it and will slide left only if Left alignment is specified.
            13. Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.
            15. In FMP13, hidden objects (”Hide object when”) will slide/resize.
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              Thank you Timothy!  That worked perfectly.