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    Hiding a Record / Locking a Record



      Hiding a Record / Locking a Record


      I need a way to prevent specific users from editing or modifying a particular record. For example I may have 400 records in a database. There may be 1 record in that database that I do not want an employee to be able to modify. In essence I want to lock it. I still want them to be able to view the record but I do not want them to be able to modify it.


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          First you need a flag field for this "locked by me," a number field. It would likely be on the layout as a checkbox, using a Value List of "1" (Boolean).

          You need a Privilege Set for the "employees." In its Record access privileges screen, in the Edit access, add a test for "lock flag ≠ 1".

          In the Fields access (same screen, on the right), set that field to be "read only" for them.

          On the layout you could even hide the checkbox from them, by using the "visibility" trick.