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Hiding Button Conditionally

Question asked by ChadBarnard on Aug 26, 2014
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Hiding Button Conditionally


     I have a button that opens up a folder on the server.  The button setup is this:


     So, it basically pulls up the folder associated w/ that job number.  That works fine.

     What I'm trying to do is hide the button if no folder w/ that job number exists.

     I thought that I could do a simple "Hide object when" w/ :

              not (IsValid ( "w:/"&Orders::JobNumber&"" ))

     but that doesn't work.  Weirdly enough, if I do the following:

               IsValid ( "w:/"&Orders::JobNumber&"" )

     The button disappears on every record (those that have an associated folder and those that don't).

     Any ideas?