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Hiding button from highlighting in Hover

Question asked by JonathonKlassen on Sep 11, 2013
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Hiding button from highlighting in Hover


     Hello Filemaker friends,

     I have a question about hiding a button and having it not highlight in Hover mode when hidden (Deactivated). 

     I have 3 layers of buttons in a roof shingle like setup, when you choose the bottom button it highlights the whole column (which is what i want). I have done this by making the button images the background and the buttons themselves Invisible in "Normal State" and highlighted when hovered over.  But sometimes the bottom layers need to be visually obvious that they cant be clicked, even when hovered over.

     The simple strategy of putting a conditional formatting object in front doesnt work for this circumstance. The Portal trick doesn't work because the columns of buttons highlight a common bar on the top.

     Because my buttons overlap in a roof shingle manner you can only press the Longest button (lowest button) at the lowest point (while still highlighting the whole column). So i only need to block the button out where it can be pressed.


     I know this is a little confusing, if you need pics to demonstrate what i mean then ill post some.

     Thank you :)