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    Hiding containers (pic's) using conditional formatting



      Hiding containers (pic's) using conditional formatting


      I want to optionally use one of three pic's on a form.

      I was planning on overlaying each container with the other and adding

      conditional formatting to "hide" the pic if it doesn't meet the selection criteria.

      Of course, it's not working.  Can you do this?  Is there a better way?



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          Put the images in a related table. Now you can select which image is visible by controlling which value is stored in the form's match field that links to this table of related images.

          Say you have an images table with two fields Image ( container ) and ImageID (auto-entered serial number)

          You can link it to your Form's table like this:

          FormTable::ImageIDField = Images::ImageID

          You can now place the Images::Image field on your form layout. If you put a 1 in FormTable::ImageIDFIeld, you'll see image 1. If you put a 2 in FormTable::ImageIDfield, you'll see image 2 and so forth. Note that this trick will allow you to work with any number of images should your needs change in the future.