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Hiding Field Using Specify Calculation Window.

Question asked by GurvinderHullait on Nov 18, 2014
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Hiding Field Using Specify Calculation Window.


I have a field that has a list of pre-defined values:

Monitor, Base Unit, Printer, Server, Peripheral

In another field called "IP address" I want to only show this field when either "Printer" or "Server" is selected from the above field.  So I have entered this into the "Specify Calculation" window.

If I enter one value:

Equipment:Item = "Printer"

This works.

If I do this:

Equipment::Item = "Printer"
Equipment::Item = "Server"

I get this error:

An operator (e.g. +, - , *,...) is expected here

How can I enter more than one value for this to work?