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    Hiding Fields



      Hiding Fields


           Hi there,

           In my database of products, we have different prices on the same product depending on the situation. (ie. the supplier cost and the selling price)

           Everytime I'm asked for a quote, I have to drag the Field not in use off the grid, and take a screen shot of the Form view.  It's cumbersome, and I believe there's a more efficient way of handling this - I just haven't discovered it.

           I have found the option to hide a field when printing - though the print setup is always too small and cuts off half my form view anyway.

           Would love some help




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               You appear to have more than one issue.

               But instead of trying to hide a field. Set up a single field that can correctly disply the appropriate value for the user specified situation. A calculation field, for example can use a case function to return the value stored in different fields of the same record or a relationship can be used to match to different pricing records depending ont he values in your match fields.