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    Hiding Fields from the Form View



      Hiding Fields from the Form View


      Hi There


      I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to hide a field from view when in the Form View?


      I know you can hide a field in the Table View but I was wanting to still be able to view the 2 fields here.


      Here is what I am wanting to achive.  I have 3 fields.

      1)    FirstName

      2)    Surname

      3)    Name


      I want field 3 hidden in the Table View and 1 & 2 Visable and then in the Form View have 3 Visable and 1 & 2 Hidden.


      I'm sure this is a simple request but I'm new to FileMaker having used Lotus Notes for 10 Years.  I'm sure the simple answer is just have a name field, but how would I sort by Surname in that case?


      Many Thanks


       Dave :)

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          Remove fields 1 and 2 from your layout. Now they will not be visible when in form view. Switch to table view and add fields 1 and 2 to your layout, clear the check box for field 3 from this same dialog to hide it.

          Now you will have Fields 1 and 2 visible in table view and only field 3 visible in form view.

          While that works, it's often a better approach to use one layout for your list or table view and a different layout for your form view. A button in the header of your table view layout (There's a setting in layout setup that makes the header visible when in table view) can be used to switch from your table view layout to your form view layout.

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             Thanks for the quick answer.


            That worked a treat, although it does seem a little backwards the way in which you go about it.  Create a field, remove a field, create a field.


            Like I say I'm new so I'm sure I'll start to pick things up.  Is it worth me joining the TechNet to get the training guides for $9.99?  Are they a good read/watch?


            Is it best practice then to create your Database in the Layout View?




            Dave :)

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              I don't see where this creates any fields. Don't you already have these fields in your table? It's just a matter of configuring your layout or layouts to display the fields you need in order for your layouts to work the way you want them to.

              I'm not a member of TechNet so can't comment on how useful you would find that membership.

              I never create a database in layout view. I define fields in Manage | Database.

              Layout Mode is the only option (except for the Modify and + buttons when in table view) for changing the design of your layout.

              Keep in mind that FileMaker sets you up with three things: Layout, Table Occurrence and Table with identical names each time you create a table in FileMaker. They may have the same names but they are distinctly different parts of your database design. ("Table Occurrences" are the "boxes" found in Manage | database | relationships. See: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?  to learn more about them.)

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                Ah I see, I think it's the way I've created my Database.  I added the fields using the + button in the Table View and names them in there also.

                I've now found the Manage Database dialog! Thanks for that :)


                Think I'm going to RTM before moving forward!  Thanks again for your quick reply :)