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Hiding Fields from the Form View

Question asked by dsunter on Nov 16, 2011
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Hiding Fields from the Form View


Hi There


I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to hide a field from view when in the Form View?


I know you can hide a field in the Table View but I was wanting to still be able to view the 2 fields here.


Here is what I am wanting to achive.  I have 3 fields.

1)    FirstName

2)    Surname

3)    Name


I want field 3 hidden in the Table View and 1 & 2 Visable and then in the Form View have 3 Visable and 1 & 2 Hidden.


I'm sure this is a simple request but I'm new to FileMaker having used Lotus Notes for 10 Years.  I'm sure the simple answer is just have a name field, but how would I sort by Surname in that case?


Many Thanks


 Dave :)