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    hiding fields in Form view



      hiding fields in Form view




      I am new to FileMaker and trying out various options.


      I need to hide fields in Form view. At the moment I have one box in which codes are displayed and a control box in which a drop-down list allows to choose from a list of set options. 




      Decoration - 1 - zig zag


      Whereas I need to have  "1" displayed in table view, in order to facilitate entry of data in form view I would like to keep only the drop-down menu box (without the 1 appearing).


      Can anybody help me in doing this? I am sure it is easy but just cannot find the way to do it right now.


      thank you!




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          I think the better way is this :


          You creat a text objet on your layer with only spaces in like this "              " who will cover the field that you want to hide, then you make a conditionnal formatting with a formula like : if field1 = "" and you choose the same fill color of your background color, then normally, if you fill your field1 (by click on a case) you'll see your second field else it will be cover. try it

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            Thank you very much for coming back to me.

            It looks a little bit complicated, well at least since I have more or less 25 fields like the one I described. 

            Each one of these 25 fields (numeric fields) may accommodate a selection of 1 to 15 numbers (or codes). Therefore entry of data is subject to a relationship/link with a specific table which contains an IDfield (numbers 1 to 15) and a Description field (in which a text is in place to "translate" the number). Therefore I created a control box (drop-down menu) to allow to choose from a list of "key words/text". When I do this the correspondent number appears in the field both in form and table view. In the table it is important to have numbers only, whereas during data entry it would be helpful to see the text explaining what the number means (e.g. n.1 is "zig-zag", n. 2 means "romboids", n.3 "nail impressions" ...decoration on ceramics), but not necessarily the number or code (since this should only go in the table). 


            It might look a little bit bizzare, but I want to keep the numbers in table view for the sake of saving space and because I need to allow for the text to be translated in different languages at a later stage in form view, i.e. IDfield does not change, only Description.


            Anyhow, I am going to have a try according to your advice in FMP 10, first though I need to get to grips with conditional formatting :-)


            Thanks again, and if you might think there is an easier way around it...thanks in advance for any tips.








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              Why dont you just use a different layout dedicated for the table view? If you have Advanced, you can create a custom menu to over ride the 'View As Table' and 'View as Form' with your own script to go to that other layout.



              With FMP10 you can use a script trigger to go to that layout when you go into that layout using a script that checks what layout state is it using: Get ( LayoutViewState )