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    Hiding Layout during Print



      Hiding Layout during Print


      FM 10


      Can anyone share with me the best way to print a set of documents while hiding the layouts?


      I have a script that prints 10 pages.  Each page is its own layout.  When I print, each layout pops up, prints, then goes to the next layout, prints, then the next, etc.


      I would like to have the layouts not visible when I print.  I want to have one screen that says "PROCESSING ... PLEASE WAIT."


      What is the best way to accomplish this?  As always, thank you.

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          Freeze Window to the rescue ...


          Create a null layout (no fields but only the words "PROCESSING").  Start your script with switching to this null layout and then include a Freeze Window script-step.  The User will not see the various layouts as they pop up.

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            thanks for the insight.  But that does not work on my system.  I have FM 10, Vista 64 bit.


            I have a very simple script...

            Go to the Null Layout

            Freeze Window

            Go to printpage1 layout

            Enter Preview Mode


            Go to printpage2 layout

            Enter Preview Mode


            Go to Main Menu

            Refresh Window


            As soon as it switches layouts (to printpage1), it shows that window and does not freeze.


            Any ideas why?



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                 Please ignore the last message.  The problem was the ScriptDeBugger.  Apparently when you use the debugger it causes a refresh screen and that causes the freeze window to break the freeze.