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Hiding object

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 3, 2012
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Hiding object


Hi I have tried this before and given up. Used a solution on the forum posted a whike back using getwindow mode and global fields and contianers etc but to no avail. I would like a solution that doesnt mean duplicating layouts!

All i would like to do is for the "Order" button to disappear (if possible) or at the very least cease to function/lock out if the "order" button is pressed. The script at the moment when this button is pressed, creates a job number, a date of job, a custom dialogue and also changes the "status" field to "Order". The other button "invoice' can then be pressed - this locks the invoice due to privelage sets.


In a way, I would like the 'invoice' button to appear instead of the order button, once "order' is pressed. Does this make any sense?


Thank you

PS attached a small grab to show part of layout I have at the moment...