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Hiding objects based on summary results

Question asked by Stu412 on Jun 4, 2015
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Hiding objects based on summary results


I have a summary report which contains columns of data.  Most are complete but some columns are empty, but required for comparison (simply to show they're empty)

On my list layout, I'm using summary calculations to show the totals of the columns with line objects to underline these totals.  I am trying to hide these totals where there are no figures at all in the columns.  I've met with mixed success.

I can hide them if 'Value2014'=0 (this is one of the columns on the report and a field on the table) .  However, what I've noticed is if the final value in the sorted range is empty, or zero, FM hides the objects.

I then thought about hiding the lines based on the summary figures, but that's not worked either.

Any ideas on this one?