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Hiding objects depending on which portal tab is selected

Question asked by on Feb 22, 2015
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Hiding objects depending on which portal tab is selected


Hello ,

I have an IPAD layout in development.

The layout has a large tab control. Also a set of portals and other objects (side objects) used as summary, navigation and controls sit to the side of and outside the tab control.

I need to dynamically hide/reveal the side objects dependent on which tab panel is displayed/in front/active.

My hide calculation looks like

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "PatientTabClientForm" ; "isFrontPanel" ) = 0

Which I had hoped would hide the object when my first panel,"PatientTabClientForm" is not the displayed /active/ selected one.

On the data viewer the above calculation returns 1 if "PatientTabClientForm" is not selected and 0 if it is however I have to press "refresh values" to see the result change.

Despite this my object remains stubbornly displayed regardless of the tab panel selected.

Any guidance on this and also any notes on tab panels in calculations would be appreciated,