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Hiding or Disabling a Record Temporarily

Question asked by wiucoehs on Dec 16, 2011
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Hiding or Disabling a Record Temporarily


I have created a database that checks out/in various technology equipment.  I have a Users table and layout where I enter in the Users information that check the equipment out.  I have an Equipment table and layout that lists all the equipment that I have for checkout.  I then have a Transactions table and layout to choose information from the Users table and the Equipment table to carry out the transaction.  I used the Invoices Starter Solution and customized it they way I needed it.  We are at a University and at the end of the each semester I would like to be able to hide or disable the users from that semester so they won't be active come the new semester because before they can checkout equipment they have to pay a semester checkout fee.  So I would like to keep their information in the database but just make them inactive until they pay their required checkout fee for the next semester.  Many students come back every semester to checkout equipment so I want to keep their information in the database so when they do return and pay their fee we don't have to re-enter their info in. But if they don't pay their fee I don't want their "user account record" to be active to check equipment in and out.  So for example if I were to make a users account inactive, in the Transaction layout for the User field lookup their User ID and account would not show up when chosen or scan, that way they can't checkout equipment without paying the fee and being reactived.  Can this be done and how would I go about doing that?