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Hiding records-design question

Question asked by Radcon on Jan 22, 2010
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Hiding records-design question


Hi everyone,

I am putting together a solution that contains records of interest to three different groups and to some administrative types that want to see everything.  Group A is only intrested in records about location A, Group B doesn't care about A & C, and so on. 


I have tried using record level access to control this, and a second occurence of the main table to restrict access.  This does restrict access, but the actual record is still visible (with blank fields or <no access>)and, when browsing, the user may have to click through hundreds of records.


 Is using a find script for each user/group the only way to make groups of records disappear, so that the found set is a subset of the whole thing? Except for the bosses wanting to see it all & needing to search across & manipulate all records, three separate files could do the job.  Is there a good way to tie three files together as if they were one?


This is probably a simple thing, but my blinders are on just now.

Thanks for any input!



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