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    Hiding Tabs While Printing



      Hiding Tabs While Printing


      How do I hide tabs when I'm printing? The hide when printing option is greyed out, on the inspector, when a tab is the object I have clicked on.

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          Thanks for posting!

          I'm unable to reproduce this issue. The option to "Hide when printing" is available and functions as expected when a tab control is selected. Do you get this same behavior with a new tab control?


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            Hmmm weird, I checked again and it did work now. However, it caused an unexpected result.I have three graphics at the top of my report and when I choose to hide the tabs when printing, the graphics each get hidden as well. If I look at each graphic object on its own and check the to see what setting I have for object visibility, it shows that the object should print. Could someone help me out?

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              It seems that its hiding everything in my header now. Is there a way to just get rid of the header box? I dopn't have enough space in the body of my record to move these graphics down.

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                Any chance these graphics are grouped with the tab control so that when you specify hide when printing for one, you are doing so for all?

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                  How could I check if I inadvertantly grouped them together?

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                    In layout mode click on one and look for the selection boxes. If you see one set of boxes that enclose all the objects, they are grouped. They will also move as a unit if you try to movve one of them. It's also possible for a graphic object placed near the top of a tab control to be treated by FileMaker as though it is on the tab control. You may need to move the tab control a little further down if that is the case.

                    Also, don't forget that you also can create a layout just for printing. On such a layout, you can simply remove the tab control and leave the parts of the layou that you want to print. A button can be set up to switch layouts and (if you want it to) print from this layout before switching back to the original layout.

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                      "Hmmm weird, I checked again and it did work now" - I sympathise.  In layout mode, click on the 3rd tab, say, and you clearly bring it to the front and can make changes.  You have every reason to believe it is the 'live' object.  It is a different shade from the other tabs.  Check the Inspector and there is nothing you can do with it.  You have to click again (in the tab name, say) to get the tab name to highlight, and then it is the selected item.  It's not completely intuitive.