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Hiding value in a stacked field during data entry.

Question asked by lloyddd on Apr 14, 2010
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Hiding value in a stacked field during data entry.


I have two fields stacked on top of each other.


- Bottom field data is a foreign key with a conditional drop-down list list of individual names.  Allowing assignment of record to an individual.  This field is has validation based on the conditional list and is formatted to match the background so that it is hidden...most of the time

- Top field data displays the name of the related individual from the bottom field.  This field is locked from entry.


The problem is that when I wish to change the assignment of an individual, the foreign key is visible when I select the field because the drop-down menu selects the entire contents.  I've always accepted this as they way it is, but thought it would be really nice not to ever see the foreign key fields.