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Hierarchy Calculations in 1 table

Question asked by KarenSpieler on Mar 4, 2011
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Hierarchy Calculations in 1 table


I am having trouble figuring out the calculations For Spon1 & Spon2 ...

Sample Table1:

Con#    Spon#    nickname    Name_ L                 Con1             Spon1      Spon2                         CommCode*
100        200          Jim           Jones               100_J.Jones          ???           ???          100_J.Jones / 200_B.Davis / 300_J.Doe
200        300          Bob          Davis                200_B.Davis         ???           ???          200_B.Davis / 300_J.Doe /
300        400          Jane         Doe                  300_J.Doe            ???           ???          300_J.Doe / / 500_y.yyy
400        500          x             xxx         
                                                                                                                     *the calc for this field is currently working just fine
                                                                                                                 in the table when I hand enter the values for Spon1 & 2

Con1 =  GetField("Con#")&"_"&Left(nickname;1)&"."&GetField("Name_ L")
Spon1 =  ???
Spon2 =  ???
CommCode =  GetField("Con1")&" / "&GetField("Spon1")&" / "&GetField("Spon2")

I  tried self-joined TOs where the relationship was: Spon#=Con# 
and the calculation was:   Spon1 = GetField("Spon#")&"_"&Left(TO2::nickname;1)&"."&GetField("TO2::Name_ L")

...but that didn't work ... I kept getting Spon1:  200_J.Jones   instead of:  200_B.Davis

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Also - is there a book or website that is really good at explaining all the different parts-is-parts that go into creating these calculations? One that someone like me (with little or no programming knowledge) can understand? The Filemaker "Help" has gotten me this far.