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    Hierarchy Taxonomy



      Hierarchy Taxonomy


      Screen shot: www.jcpythons.com/screenshot.png


      in this screenshot im adding recors of taxonomy classification for animals such as reptiles etc.., each record i add to this table can be used to represent the family, species, sub species etc... of each animal in another table, they are related by a field called "HP ID" which is in both tables. so when entering a new animal in my main table ("HP Main") the user comes to the classification fields where all they have to do is click a button which opens a new window of my taxonomy layout and once they choose the classification that suits there animal it copies the info from that record and paste it into the appropriate fields on the other table "HP Main"....However! when i make the changes to a records in the taxonomy table it doesnt automatically make the changes to therecords that are using that data in the fields.


      im not sure if thats even possible, but i would think there must be a way of some sort?



      The other thing im trying to do is change the way adding/editing and viewing the taxonomy table records looks, as you can see from my screenshot in the url above (couldn't get the attached photo to show). you'll see how i have each field used as a drop down list and i would really love to have the form work as a combination, what i mean is i select the first field when entering a new record, and lets say i choose for the "Boidae" for the Family field, then only Species that follow under that class should appear in the drop down list  field below named "species" and so on and so on. Im only a couple weeks into filemaker, but learning lots on my own and learning lots here in the forums, i try searching for my answers but sometimes a lot of the things im trying to do is just hard to guess what to search for here in the forums. Hope someone knows what im talking about with what im trying to do lol.



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          The following statement: "...once they choose the classification that suits there animal it copies the info from that record and paste it into the appropriate fields on the other table "HP Main"...."  and your description of the problem suggests that you may be physically copying data between tables instead of using a relationship to simply reference the data in a related table. If so, you have more than one copy of your data present and copying the data in one record in one table won't alter the data stored in other records and tables.


          We'd need know more about your database design to be sure of that and to suggest a better "fix".


          Here's your screen shot: (Click the tree icon in your tool bar and insert the URL to your image there.) 

          Screen Shot

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             here is a image of my relationship table, i hilighted the two tables in question. your right i didnt have a relationship set up. basically it was copying the data from the taxonomy DB to the HP Main DB fields. should i add a "ID" field to the taxonomy DB and relate it to the "HP ID" field in the HP Main DB?











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              Yes, an ID field in the taxonomy tables would be a good idea for relating these two Table Occurrences.  However, it looks like HP ID uniquely identifies one specific animal where you may have several animals that are all of the same exact taxanomic classification. I'd add TaxonomyID fields to both tables, making the one in Taxonomy an auto-entered, unique serial number. Make the one in HP main a simple number key. That way, if you have 3 or 4 common gopher snakes in your collection, their HP Main records will all link to the same taxonomy record. Any updates to the taxonomy record (say "gopher" snake was misspelled as "gofer snake") would only require one change in Taxonomy and the fix will appear for all your gopher snakes in your collection.


              PS. That screen shot took me back to my college days. "King Philip Came Over From Greece Swimming" (Yeah, I know there's another version, but it's not for polite company :smileywink: )

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                ok so i have gone ahead and done what you said, I created a field called "Taxonomy ID" as a number field, then created a field in the taxonomy table called "Taxonomy ID" as a number field with auto enter serial number , increments set to "1", do I relate the two ID fields created? I get confused with relationships sorry lol.



                LOL i had to look  "King Philip Came Over From Greece Swimming", never heard of that before, or the other version haha

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                     Yes you'd link the two tables. Then you'll have to make correct use of the relationships in your layouts.
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                    ok, i have related the two fields from the two tables,  but when i add a new taxonomy record and assign to a reptile, then change the text in that record from taxonomy table it still doesnt change in the reptile table, but ill play around with it today and try and get it to work.



                    Thanks Again! :D

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                         It shouldn't change the reptile table. If you have taxonomic level fields in your reptile table, HP Main, you'll want to remove them. In every layout where you had such fields, use the field tool to add these same fields from the Taxonomy table.