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Hierarchy with one to many relationships..

Question asked by etd001 on Mar 6, 2012
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Hierarchy with one to many relationships..


Hi, I'm fairly new to file maker and have been trying to do the following.

table1       table2      table3

pkt1  ---< fkt1

                pkt2 ---<fkt2

 Table 1 has a layout with 2 tabs, a table 1 tab and a table 2 tab.

table 1 tab has a portal that allows multiple entries into table 2 that are related to table 1.

tab 2 has a combo box for making a selection from table 2 so i can create a portal for table 3 and enter multiple entries in table 3 that is related to table 2.

However whenever I select a record from the combo box on tab 2, it overwrites the field in the first record in table 2 with the data I select.

My goal is to make a selection with the combo box that is populated with the record from table 2 and populate table 3 with the primary key from table 2 and the new data I add through the portal on tab 2.

Hope I explained it clear enough. Thanks.