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    Highlight active portal row



      Highlight active portal row


      Anyway to highlight an active portal row?

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          Version 9 or higher ?


          Make portal row a button to perform script


          Script =


          Set Variable $$PortalRow [YourPortalName :: Serial Number]

          Go to Related Records [Your PortalName] Show related Records Only



          On portal row , right click and make a conditional format



          Conditional format =


          $$PortalRow = YourPotalName :: SerialNumber



           Each time you click a portal upon returning to the layout with portal the

          last visited portal will be colored yellow.



          Fill color = Yellow

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            i am curious about this too, but i was not able to set up conditional formatting on a portal row.  it doesn't appear to be an option for the portal or for portal rows.  i am using fileaker 10 and conditional formatting seems only to be an option for fields.  can you explain more how to do this?





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                 Apply conditional formatting to the fields that are on the row rather than the row itself.