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highlight certain records based on field content

Question asked by JohnWolcott on Oct 22, 2010
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highlight certain records based on field content


I would like to highlight all records in a database that have a particular radio button checked.  Ideally, all of those records would have a different background, or blinking text, or something to call attention and distinguish them from other records that do not have that radio button checked.  I need this to work both when viewing all records and when doing finds which happen to include some of those records.

The database has about 800 records and about 60 need to be distinguished in some way so users know instantly that a particular record is special.  The radio button has three values, YES, IP, and NO.  I need to flag all the NO records.  The problem is that users are failing to notice when the NO radio button is checked.  The page layout is fairly dense, and I have made the 3 buttons as large as I can.  All fields are formatted at 10 point, and the the radio buttons are at 14 point and bold, but this still isn't enough for some users.