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    Highlight lowest value



      Highlight lowest value


      FMP 11 on Mac and PC

      We have a table where 96 fields are times

      The fields are TIME01 , TIME02 , TIME03 . . . . TIME96

      The times are broken into sets of 16 with each set receiving one of eight titles

      The set names are AOKE , BOKE , COKE, DOKE . . . . HOKE

      The layout lists all 96 fields for all records and the titles for each set

      How can you use conditional formatting to highlight the lowest time across all records for TIME04 when the sets have the same title?

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          96 fields to store the same type of value? Surprised

          You really, really need to consider using a related table for this!

          Not sure what you mean by "set names" and they have nothing to do with this as far as I can determine. Each record will only have one field named Time04.

          You can take one of two approaches depending on how you manage your data on your layout.

          Define a summary field as the maximum of Time04. Then you can use a conditional format to highlight the field or other layout objects if Time04 equals the summary field.

          This works for highlighting the max value over all the records in the current found set.

          An alternative approach is to use a self join with the X operator and then your conditional format expression refers to the related table occurrence when comparint Time04 to the max value summary field and this will return the max value for that field of all the records in your table regardless of which are part of the current found set.

          And if you want this for all 96 fields, you have to do this 96 times...