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    Highlight Portal Row



      Highlight Portal Row


      I need to higlight portal row which row i clicked.How can i do that. i tried with some threads posted in forum but it wont working.

      Please help me.


      thanks in Advance...

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          This is pretty easy to set up with conditional formatting and a script. I assume the threads you checked out described that approach. Since it's "not working" perhaps you could spell out what you tried to do and how it's not working? Then we can take a stab at figuring out where you got off track.

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            this is the link i used


            i tried with conditional formating it wont working i am using form view. What is wrong with me


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              I checked that link and it refers to highlighting the current record in a list view which differs a bit from using a portal.


              Here's an approach for highlighting a portal row:


              I'm making up table and field names here so please insert your own as needed:


              Define a global field: gPortalRecID


              Write a script:


              #PortalRecID should be a serial number field that uniquely identifies one portal record

              Set Field [YourTable::gPortalRecID; PortalTable:: PortalRecID]

              Commit Record


              Select all the fields that make up your portal row and enter the following conditional format expression:

              YourTable::gPortalRecID = PortalTable:: PortalRecID


              Select the fill color you want to use to highlight the row.


              With these same fields selected, use button setup... to turn them into a button that performs the above script.


              Does that work for you?

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                   Thank you very much its working fine !!!