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Highlight related records in portal

Question asked by DavidGibson_1 on Aug 14, 2013
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Highlight related records in portal


     I've got a typical portal.  The portal records are data concerning documents (document date, received date, etc.).  The records are all related to the facility which is the parent record.  They are also related to a petroleum discharge date.  Each facility can have multiple discharges, therefore, there may be several records related to each discharge in the portal.  The records are sorted by discharge date so they are together, but I'd like to highlight the related records for each discharge.  I've managed this with conditional formatting; ie: if discharge 1 then blue, if discharge 2 then red, etc.  The problem is some of these facilities have more than 50 discharges.  Is it possible to highlight these related records in some other way than using conditional formatting?  Or maybe even a better way to display them other than in one portal?  Any help is appreciated.

     Dave Gibson