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    highlighting certain parts of a picture



      highlighting certain parts of a picture


      Hi guys, im a n00b so please go easy on me if i have posted in the wrong section.

      im making a patient contact list with medical and dental history..
      now all is good except for 1 thing.

      i have a jpg chart of teeth(similar to http://www.aboutcosmeticdentistry.com/images/toothchart-bw-photo2.jpg ), and i want to be able to click on a certain tooth and have it highlighted. this will tell me which teeth the patient has/doesnt have...

      if there is no way to do that, my only other idea would be to creat 28 different fields (each tooth) and have the fields sit over the tooth picture, and have a check box, but instead of marking the box with an 'x', is it possible to mark the box by colouring in the whole box black?

      thanks<!--  POLLS  --><!--  FILES  --><!--  SIGNATURE  -->

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          Theoretically, you could create a series of graphics, each showing a different combination of highlighted teeth. You could store these graphics in separate records in a related table and link to them in response to user selections on your main layout. For 28 teeth, that's something like 28 x 28 = 784 combinations. Thus, you might not want to put in that much effort.


          If you choose the check box route, you could do this:


          Define a value list with a single space as it's custom value.

          Format each "tooth checkbox field" with this custom value.


          Place each check box formatted field in place and size it so that the field is nearly the same size as the check box.


          Set a conditional format on all these check boxes:


          Not IsEmpty ( Self )


          and select a solid fill color such as black for the check box field.