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    highlighting record in list view


      highlighting record in list view


           is there any way to highlight a selected record in list view - the little vertical bar on the left of the record isn't that obvious and so would rather have some sort of cone format that could highlight the back ground or fields being viewed...

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               In FileMaker 12, you can enable the "delineate" option in layout setup and then only the current record shows border and fill color formatting--enabling you to specify a highlight color that only appears for the current record.

               You can also use conditional formatting to specify a fill color that only appears on the current record.

               If you examine the list layout in the Known Bugs List database, you'll find examples of both options demonstrated.

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                 I can't really see the options to do this..

                 I have enabled the delineate option, but then how I alter the background colour for the active record? I can only change the background colour that effects all records.

                 Also, the cone format option - how do I write that in the formula? 

                 Thank you

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                   To get the layout back ground to change color, you can cover the background with a field, placed behind all the other layout objects and set it to change color--using one of the two methods that I am discussing to do so. You can use Behavior options in the Inspector to bar access to this field so that you can't click or tab into it by mistake.

                   In the Known Bugs Database, the layout is already covered with fields so I just set them to change fill color when the record they are part of is the current record.

                   In that database, you can go to the List layout and enter layout mode. You can then right click a field to see the conditional formatting options set on it. You'll also see that a fill color with a gradient was specified for one field. Because the "delineate" option is selected, that gradient fill color only shows on the current record.

                   And if you check layout set up, you'll find that the OnRecordLoad trigger runs a script to update a global variable used in the conditional format expression.

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                     Great  - thanks. Used your cond format trick...Works perfectly.