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Hii..i;m new to filrmaker ...I get the file path using this.." GetValue ( ContainerField ;...

Question asked by kesha on Jul 29, 2013
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     Hii..i;m new to filrmaker ...I get the file path using this.."GetValue ( ContainerField ; ValueCount ( ContainerField ) )"

     its returns"filewin:/D:/Conversion.log" then when i click on this that file is open using Open URL" its not open if i remove filewin:/ then its working properly..for that i try these

     Let ( T = GetValue ( ContainerField ; ValueCount ( ContainerField ) ) ;Middle ( T ; 9; Length ( T )-1) )

     these whole things are working fine if i insert file from local M/C ..

     But if i choose file from server or any other m/c then its not working properly bcz ....

     first ol its return like this 

     "/192.../Downloads/Folder/E_Documents.fmp12" so here its start with "/'only .. and to open this file if i replace "/" with "\" then its working..for that i hv to set everything manually there Any to perform these things using dynamically