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    Hilite Script



      Hilite Script


      I saw the post to santiae about the hilite script. 


      If you take it a step futher, I created the Sort by Owner Ascending and Descending scripts and they work fine.  I started with the template in the Business - Project, Issue Tracking.  My issue is when I create a script to combine the 2 as a where it will toggle a-z, z-a, the script works 3 times (descending, ascending and then descending) and then no longer sorts.  The individual scripts work fine.  Did I miss a step in the database step?


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          Don Rock:


          Thank you for your post.


          There is no reason why the script should work intermittently.  You may want to make sure the correct script is being called.  If you are still having difficulty, let me know the script steps, and I'll try to reproduce it here.



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