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    hipaa ansy x 12 report layout



      hipaa ansy x 12 report layout



           I am new on filemaker USING FMP pro 12 adv

           I used to work with clarion 5.0 , etc  from topspeed for more than 20 years know

           I have a clarion dos report writer where i can perfectly create a custom layout for the hipaa ansy x12

           I create from scrash a medical ehr and billing using fm12 adv latest ver

           i do have the fields and data i need to create the hipaa x12 the thing is that i would like to print out directly from

           fmp12 but does not how ho to do it.

           here is an example of the lay out

           1-First the /// means blank spaces

           2-today date format shoul be yymmdd

           3-time format should be hhmm

           3- the * means field separator

           4- the ~ means end of line or cr

           5-i would like to save this report with the customer id number . example report name RPT625_today.837

           I will apreciated any help given, thanks in advanced


           ISA*00*//////////*00*//////////*30*123456789//////*30*123456789      *date yymmdd*time hhmm*^*00501*idnum*1*t*:~

           GS*HC*123456789*123456789*today dateyyyymmdd*time hhmm*800001707*X*11111111111~


           BHT*0019*00*700001707*20130118*1707*CH~ here i need to concatenate 700000 with time to obtain 700001707

           NM1*00*0*full name*****11*123456789~

           PER*IC*full second name*TE*7873834500*EM*email add~

           NM1*00*0*plan name*****46*plan id~

           NM1*00*0*last name*first name****XX*123456789~

           N3*add line 1*add line 2~

           N4*city*state*zip code~

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               I have no idea what you mean by "hipaa ansy x 12 report layout".

               When you try to create this report on a FileMaker layout, what specific issues do you encounter? (I don't have time to parse something as cryptic as what you have posted here, but if you post specific questions encountered as you try to set this up step by step...)


                    2-today date format shoul be yymmdd


                    3-time format should be hhmm

               You can select date, time, number of timestamp fields while in layout mode and specify custom data formats such as what you have posted here from the bottom of the Inspector's data tab.

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                 Thanks here is the link about hipaa x 12 I am trying to do this layout print on fmp12



                 hope this explain better than myself