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Historical Marker Form

Question asked by Oldmanwheeler on Dec 17, 2013


Historical Marker Form


     Hello, I've used Bento since it was introduced and I just recently purchased Filemaker Pro 13. I am looking for a template or assistance to create a form for listing Historical Markers, Sites and Events.  I want to be able to geocode a set of coordinates and reverse geocode a address.  I want the markers to show up on a map,  The form will also include a detailed description of the site. This information will be used in a building a Historical Markers website for our state.  The State I live in does not have an inventory of the stats historical markers, sites or events and I want to provide a resource so future generations have  place to learn about this history.

     If anyone knows of a reasonably priced template that could be used to build such a form or would like to volunteer to help build one please contact me.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you