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Historical Society database..artifacts, membership, etc.

Question asked by nhfinn on Feb 10, 2009
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Historical Society database..artifacts, membership, etc.


Hey...I've got an older version of Filemaker Pro on my old Mac.  Generally skilled with it.


I'm volunteering with a local historical society...looking into options for both Mac and Windows database for doing their membership, mailing labels, and to create a comprehensive inventory of thousands of artifacts (photos, books, documents, tools, etc.) with photos of items, information on them (source, date, names, #, location, etc.).  Past Perfect is the commonly used software...but it's expensive.  Filemaker seems to be a lower priced option that is just as versitile and will work on both platforms.  


Anyone got any advice or experience on this?  I'm also thinking about doing a lot of it on my Mac labtop and then being able to transfer files to the society's Windows desktop...thus my interest in Filemaker (as opposed to Past Perfect which is only on Windows).