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History of discounts / offers / bundles on FMP purchases?

Question asked by AshleyWard on Feb 19, 2013
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History of discounts / offers / bundles on FMP purchases?


     (My apologies if this forum isn't a suitable place to discuss this topic: please let me know and I'll happily remove it.)

     I bought a (single) copy of FMP 11 back in June 2011, when it was being offered to Bento users for £99 + VAT.

     I've now started using it for a project where I'd like to use FMP to access the same database from two Macs simultaneously.

     I've had a little try with IWP for the second client, but some of the limitations (eg no keyboard shortcuts, no OnRecordLoad script trigger, no conditional formatting) have me considering buying a second full FMP client.

     But... I'm not keen to buy another copy of FMP at the standard price of £219 + VAT if FileMaker might soon be running a suitable promotion... one reason being that this project is on a shoestring currently...

     I remember FileMaker had a "buy one get one free" promotion (which sadly doesn't fit my situation) for FMP back in December. I'm trying to get a feel for whether promotions / discounts are a regular occurrance with FileMaker. Can anyone with a suitably long view on this give me any hints?