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Holding SHIFT key too long?

Question asked by BillReger on Feb 17, 2011
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Holding SHIFT key too long?


Here goes.

My knucklehead brother was daydreaming while entering info into an invoicing system I designed on FM7.  While daydreaming, he was holding down the SHIFT key and suddenly a dialog box appeared asking for a password.  I don't have a password set up for the system.  I checked to see if it was a Filter Key he activated and it appears not.  Word documents and such open with problem.  But anytime he opens any FM file, the dialog box appears and will not allow him to work in the file.

Any ideas?  I'm trying to same myself an hour drive each way to go figure out what he did.  If I can figure it out remotely and walk him through the fix, it would be a HUGE help!

Thanks ahead of time.Smile