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    Holding SHIFT key too long?



      Holding SHIFT key too long?


      Here goes.

      My knucklehead brother was daydreaming while entering info into an invoicing system I designed on FM7.  While daydreaming, he was holding down the SHIFT key and suddenly a dialog box appeared asking for a password.  I don't have a password set up for the system.  I checked to see if it was a Filter Key he activated and it appears not.  Word documents and such open with problem.  But anytime he opens any FM file, the dialog box appears and will not allow him to work in the file.

      Any ideas?  I'm trying to same myself an hour drive each way to go figure out what he did.  If I can figure it out remotely and walk him through the fix, it would be a HUGE help!

      Thanks ahead of time.Smile

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          Is this on a Mac or Windows?

          Is this the standard FileMaker Log in?

          If you enter Admin and leave the password box empty can you open the file?

          If so, check file options and see if the Log in using box is checked and that it's set to enter Admin with no password automatically. This is the default setting for a file that doesn't have a password.

          On Windows systesm, holding down shift overrides this auto-enter password behavior and you get a password dialog. That would explain this happening once, but not why it keeps happening each time you open any FileMaker file...

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            The shift key could be stuck.  Can he type lowercase in other programs. Unplugging the USB? keyboard, starting up without and plugging in the keyboard may produce results.
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              Thanks for the answers. 

              At his office, its running on Windows XP.  Shift key is fine, works well in Office programs.

              I'm not sure now if the dialog box coming up is FM bsaed or Windows based.  It has autofilled the name of the computer in the username, but I know FM sometimes uses that name in that box when it does not have a pasword set up yet.  If it was Windows based box, I'm not sure why only FM is affected.

              Thanks for the advice.  I may have to jet out there tomorrow at some point.  I'll update the end result if I do.

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                Have him try admin with no password and see if it works.

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                  I'd be logging in remotely first...

                  (Lower the carbon footprint.  And the potential for family blood being spilled...Wink)