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home inventory template recommendations

Question asked by BobbyRohrkemper on Feb 3, 2014


home inventory template recommendations


     I would like to create a new Filemaker database and am looking for a template. I'll be using FM 13 and FM Go on iOS. Based on the fields below, could someone recommend a template that would fit my needs. In case anyone can also compare different templates, any comparison of the differences would be helpful. I was previously using a database that I created myself in Bento.

     I think it's better to start with a template and then customize it from there. I have enough experience to make some basic modifications.

     I don't expect that I'll need very complicated queries, but it would be nice to know what's possible. I mostly do simple filters by a couple of the boolean attributes.

     The fields that I used in my previous database are below.  ** Notes


                    Date Created
                    Date Modified
                    Who, where ** special field
                    Serial Number
                    Notes ** additional notes
                    Purchase Date
                    didn't arrive (to me) ** boolean
                    Purchased from
                    Purchased with  ** select which credit card from a list or cash
                    Receipt ** need to add a file here, might be jpeg or PDF
                    Shipped to CH ** boolean
                    Order Number
                    SKU #
                    Returned, waiting credit
                    Gift to
                    Want to replace
                    Tot Cost  ** calculated from quantity and currency, result in USD
                    Lost ** boolean
                    Internet order number
                    will be brought by
                    sell to
                    time since purchase  ** calculated value
                    PP active  ** calculated boolean, true if date is less than X months
                    component list ** a text list
                    SO ** a boolean
                    CHF ** purchase value if purchase made in swiss currency
                    Tracking #
                    signed by
                    dated message
                    message date
                    warranty duration
                    Warranty expiration
                    Pur Location
                    Sold/trashed ** boolean