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    Home Page for All Layouts



      Home Page for All Layouts


      Dear Admins & Experts,

      I'm handling A Database which contains 25 Layouts. But While opening automatically that required layouts will triggered to the users as per their priviledge.

      But I got a idea about Create a Home page, that should have link for all Layouts. Which layout they want where they can pick, but if they have priviledge only it will open, else "Sorry, You have no access for this layout".

      Please give me your valuable suggestions to make this better !!


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          It sounds like you could make a button bar on the home screen and hide buttons for which they have no access using the "Hide Object When" option in Inspector using the "Get(UserName)" and Get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) functions to determine access. 

          It's a more elegant way instead of returning an error message. It will also keep their home page cleaner and a button bar can be moved on top of layouts as well so they don't have to constantly head back to the home page to navigate.