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    Home Page?



      Home Page?


      What's the best way to have a 'Home Page Button" available at all times.  I have one on all my layouts, but when I ended up displaying a report, I have to manually launch the Home Page from a script or manually select the Home Page Layout from the Layout drop-down menu.    Both are clumsey options.

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          You can put one on your report as well and then select the option "Hide when printing" for your button. That way it doesn't show up on the printed report.

          "Hide when printing" is in the inspector, on the position tab under "Object Visibility"

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            You can also just make sure you never get stranded on a report.

            A report is made for printing, you can add s script set for printing and then go back to the original layout.

            Or you can use the following combination of script steps:

            - Go To Layout [Print Layout]
            - Enter Preview Mode
            - Pause Script
            - Enter Browse Mode
            - Go To Layout [Original]

            During the pause you will be able to print or save a pdf of your report.

            Then when you click continue the script will bring you back to the original layout.

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              Perfect. Thanks.

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                As a "back up" in case I as developer or a user finds a "hole" in the system and get's stranded on that layout while in browse mode, I add a button to the main menu on the layout and use "sliding and visibility" to specify "hide when printing" so that the user can see the button in browse mode, but it won't show on hard copy, PDF's or when in preview mode.