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    Home table in multiuser databases



      Home table in multiuser databases


      Can anyone point me to a tutorial or an example of how a home table is used in a multi user environment to avoid problems and make the user experience less complicated?

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          What do you mean by a "home" table? What functions would that table serve for your multi-user system?

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            Well, I'm not even sure.  I've looked at other multi user solutions that seem to have a home table that users go to on startup that then serves as the starting point for the session.  In one fairly sophisticated solution the home table contained variable lists that created specific value lists for each user. But my big concern is that I don't start constructing a db and run into trouble down the road.

            For example, right now I am working on a simple time card system.  A time card table with one record per employee.  A time entries table for all individual time entries for all employees.  Relationships then find times for a particular time period and a particular employee. On login I need to find the employee's timecard record which I can do with a script.  As time goes on, more functionality migh be added and I might want place to store unique employee data keys.

            I think my question is general - Is there a standard philosphy or architecture when setting up a multiuser DB?

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              First, users don't go to a table, they go to a layout. Layouts and tables may have exactly the same name, but they are different things with different purposes. Such a "home" layout is also referred to as a "dashboard" or "main menu" layout.

              There isn't a standard philosophy here. The needs of your users should drive the design of your database. I suggest you set up a home layout and specify it as the layout first seen when the file opens in File Options. You can add features to this layout as the design of your database evolves.

              This layout can be based on any table in your database and is usually locked into Form view only via options in Layout setup... I sometimes use a special table titled "noData" for my main menu layout so that no harm is done if the users press a keyboard shortcut for creating a new record or some such similar action--but there are many other ways to guard against this that don't require your extra table. The end result for the user is the same.

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                Thanks.  I get the difference between layout and table.  I was thinking in a generic table/layout equivalency.

                Your answer helps, it's sort of what I thought.  I was more afraid of what I might not know.

                Have a great day!