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Horizontal Bar Graph sort reversed?

Question asked by marysays on Jul 9, 2015
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Horizontal Bar Graph sort reversed?


Hello, this is my first post. I made a layout that shows sales by country, using a sales total summary field sorted by bill-to country. The sort order is ascending, in other words Argentina -> Venezuela.



The layout starts with a horizontal bar graph in the leading grand summary, where the y-axis is the countries. Then there's a list of the values by country (sub-summary layout part, when sorted by bill-to country), then a pie graph in the trailing grand summary. 

The problem is, my bar graph is upside-down. Even though the data is sorted in ascending order, the top of the graph is Venezuela, and Argentina is down by the x-axis. I guess this makes some sense, since it's treating Argentina as a low value. But visually it's backwards, because it is the reverse order of the list and the pie graph (which has Argentina at 12:00 and proceeds alphabetically clockwise).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I flip the bar graph in chart setup, without having to change the sort order and screw up the rest of my layout?

Thanks so much,