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    horizontal data



      horizontal data


           how can i make my data appear like table two currently it looks like table 1. Iisit possible these fields can automatically create new multiple fields everytime a client visits or is this not possible. 


           table 1


                          Name                     Item Ordered                     Date of Visit                      delivery                     Price                     Delviery Date
                          larry barry                     tv                     01/01/2014                     home                     599                     16/01/2014
                          larry barry                     radio                     07/08/2013                     store                     99                     14/08/2013
                          larry barry                     kettle                     01/05/2010                     store                     50                     05/05/2010





                                                visit1                     visit 2                      visit 3
                          Name                     Item Ordered                     Date of Visit                      delivery                     Price                     Delviery Date                     Item Ordered                     Date of Visit                      delivery                     Price                     Delviery Date                     Item Ordered                     Date of Visit                      delivery                     Price                     Delviery Date
                          larry barry                     tv                     01/01/2014                     home                     599                     16/01/2014                     radio                     07/08/2013                     store                     99                     14/08/2013                     kettle                     01/05/2010                     store                     50                     05/05/2010

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               It's possible, using a related table and multiple portals, but not the simplest thing in the world to set up in FileMaker. Instead of "how do I get it to add more fields automatically", think Add more related records (one related record for each visit.)

               And unless your customers never order more than one item, I don't quite see how your horizontal arrangement of data would work anyway.