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    Horizontal Dynamic Reporting



      Horizontal Dynamic Reporting



           Is it possible to create a printed report that expands horizontally? From the screenshot, the headers of the report can expand/contract based on the inputs from the user. Is there a way to create a printable layout based on a dynamic number of columns?



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               Not really.

               The horizontal portal method can let you list data from different records in columns, but only for the number of columns you choose to build into the layout. On the other hand, there are ways to dynamically control which data appears in each column so that may not be as limiting an approach as first appears.

               It's theoretically possible whith a Data URL and a web viewer or with a large field using ExecuteSQL (FlieMaker 12 or newer), but that approach limits you to the size of the web viewer or field so it can be very flexible as to the number of columns and the but they then have to fit within the limits of the viewer or field.

               In any of these approaches the angled column headers aren't an option unless there is some way to do that with java scripting a web viewer to show your data.