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    Horizontal portal



      Horizontal portal


           I'm looking to create a layout with the functionality of the image attached.  I want to view the product thumbnails horizontally, and filter which products show in the grid.  Can you make some suggestions as to how to get started.


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               Do you know how to set up a "horizontal portal"?

               They are a series of one row portals that either display different initial rows and/or have a portal filter to control which record appears in each one row portal.

               If you had this relationship:

               LayoutTableOccurrence::gCategoryID = Products::Category

               You could set up a grid of one row portals to Products on your layout. The first would specify initial row: 1; the second would specify initial row: 2; and so forth...

               The portal on the left listing categories can be set up with a button that performs a script to assign a value to gCategoryID to control what records appear in the portals.