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    Horizontal Portal Navigation



      Horizontal Portal Navigation


      I am building a database to manage a fine art collection.  I am using horizontal portals to display thumbnails of the artwork.  I have managed to set up a slidesheet layout that works using the ( initial row, number of row ): 1.1, 1.2, 1.3...  for nine portals.  How do I get the next nine records to display...new to programing in Filemaker. 


      thanks for any help


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          So you have more than nine images for a given parent record?


          Add another pair of fields and make this a "filtered" horizontal portal.

          In your images table, add a number field (call it Group) for this example.

          Add a matching number field (this can be local or global depending on the effect you want) to your parent table.


          Now add this pair of match fields to your relationship:

          Parent::ID = Images::ID (your current pair of fields) AND

          Parent::Group = Images::Group


          Now number your image records in groups of nine. (first 9 are group 1, next 9 are group 2, etc.)


          Now on your parent layout with the horizontal portal, change the value in Parent::Group to move forward or backward one group of images at a time. (I've used two buttons for this with Set Field [Parent::Group; Parent::Group + 1] and Set Field [Parent::Group; Parent::Group - 1] to do this.)

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            Thanks for the suggestions, will give it a try. 


            To answer your question, at the moment each record/object has 1 image attached.  The slidesheet is for the collector to browse visually 100's of objects.  People forget names...but images are easy keystones...ultimately it will be used as a link to a detail report.


            Thanks again