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    Horizontally arranged records....



      Horizontally arranged records....


      So I've been looking all over but I can't find a way to put records so that all of the records pertaining to a certain batch of a product will be arranged horizontally like in the GIMP window in the bottom right. I've only been able to get it into a format like that displayed by the filemaker window. Does anyone know of any way to accomplish this?




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          This can be done for a fixed number of date columns. The date values specified for the columns can be rotated to bring data for a different set of dates up in these columns.

          This is called a "cross tab" report and there are several ways to produce this One method is to set up a series of one row portals and use filters and/or a relationship to show this data. Another method is to set up unstored calculation fields that use ExecuteSQL to pull up this data.

          I was discussing this with a fellow developer at DevCon and he mentioned, gasp, even using repeating fields for some forms of such a report.

          It's also possible to generate an HTML Table of this data to put into a web viewer. In theory this approach can even have a flexible number of columns.

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            Well thank you for your reply! I'm definitely looking to build the layout with a flexible number of columns if possible, so could you go into more detail about, or perhaps link to another thread about the HTML option?

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              This is not a method that I've used myself, but have read about it. It's limited by the size of your web viewer so even though the number of columns is flexible, there are still practical limits on the number of columns you can produce and see.

              Do you know how to set up a table on a web page using HTML tags? What you would do is construct a calculation that combines the data from your table with the needed HTML "table" tags for rows and columns in a single result value. Which is not a simle thing to construct--especially if you are unfamiliar with HTML tables.