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    host database on my website



      host database on my website


           Hi - I'd like to upload databases to a password protected folder on my website and have two employees be able to open them and edit them in real time. Now, when they edit the databases, the edits are not saved. I guess I want the online databases to be the host ones. My employees are familiar with FMP but not filesharing, and I'm familiar with the website, but not FMP - they just don't have the time to do this.


           Any help much appreciated.

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               You need to use either FileMaker Pro peer-to-peer sharing or FileMaker Server to host your databases.  You can't just upload to an FTP and have people open those files, as they'll conflict with each other.

               Note that there are a number of FIleMaker hosting providers, such as ourselves, available to host your databases for you.  Please contact me via private message here or at jmay(at)pointinspace.com if you'd like more details on our services.

               - John

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                 Using FileSharing to try to share a FileMaker database file can result in a damaged file.