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Hosting a FMP database and data transfer security considerations

Question asked by DouglasReid on Mar 28, 2013
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Hosting a FMP database and data transfer security considerations



     Hi, I have developed a FMP 12 solution running on a office LAN in France. Now the database needs to be accessed by a person working in the UK, and by a person on the road in Europe via FileMaker Pro (not IWP).
     I am looking at hosting the database with a FMP hosting company - currently checking out HostFileMaker - and as the budget is small the shared hosting solution seems a good option.
     The database has a carefully constructed privilege set security architecture, and users are required to log in to access the system.
     My main concern with hosting a database is data transfer security. In the above scenario hosting the database and accessing it via FMP is the data sent effectively in the clear or is there a degree of inbuilt encryption and protection with FMP 12?
     The data stored in the database is not super sensitive but it is important that the data is protected to a reasonable degree.
     I have read around the subject but cannot find up to date information on this issue, any help or advice would be gratefully received.
     Many Thanks,