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    Hosting Company



      Hosting Company


      Can any one recommend good hosting companies for FM databases in the USA.

      I am currently being hosted but it seems the transition time between layouts to refresh is very slow.


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               My company has provided Professional FileMaker Hosting for over 13 years now.  Contact me privately if you want more information.  Thanks!

               - John May

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                 I just want to let people know that I've had TERRIBLE support and ability to use WorldCloud.com

                 This is over a several-month period.  The owner is surly and unprofessional, support takes forever if you're lucky and they are no help at all.  Now it's taking me over 10 minutes to log into the Admin Control Panel and it won't let me modify any of my database status or upload to the server.  The owner is blaming it all on a Java update, but if I can get onto the Control Panel, it's not Java.  It's their server.


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                   I have been using now macusa for over a year - They are excellent

                   They can only host your database, no website ,but so far my experience with them has been excellent and exceeded my expectations.

                   I love them.

                   Hope this helps