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    Hosting using external tables



      Hosting using external tables


      FMPro10 & FMPro11, FM Server11. Windows Network (XP & Vista)

      We are currently creating a new solution from several older ones.

      What we would like to do is run each of these older databases as external tables to create a new GUI accessing all sections as needed.

      Problems started arising from this when we opened the new file remotely.

      It kept saying the external source tables were not found, then when we use FM to find them by clicking the remote button and selecting the host it does not see all of them, only two of the five. They are all open on the host though with FM sharing turned on for all users.

      I'm using the full path in 'Edit Data Source' i.e.

      fmnet:/ Files/FileMaker/Chester2.0/file:Equipment_Audit.fp7

      I'm not sure what I've done wrong to not see these files.

      I should mention that we are hosting this from a normal desktop, it is not yet mounted on the server and probably won't be until completion.

      Any ideas?


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          Are you sure you should be using the full path?

          Shouldn't it just be "fmnet:/"? I didn't know you could see the path on the other side of a fmnet url.

          Regards, good luck.


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            That's what I started with, and have now gone back to.

            I still get the message that it can't find some of the tables, and when you search for them in the remote dialog they are not there. Only the main file and two of the five externals appear for selection. All files are open and in the same directory on the host machine.

            It's obviously something simple I've missed, thanks for your advice, I'll keep trying


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              Open each of the problem files with FileMaker Pro and select Sharing from the file menu to see if they have been set up correctly for sharing over the network.

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                I've opened each one individually on the host and checked fm sharing is on. All of the files show up in the open files field in the share screen on the host machine, and the host has no trouble finding them. It's only the clients that have trouble finding them, and when you click remote to look for them, it only sees two of the five and the main file.

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                  Do you authenticate with the Server with anything different from "Admin" and blank password? It looks like you have different sets of users/permissions on the five files, and the user you are authenticating with has permission only to see those two files...

                  Regards, good luck.


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                    I am not hosting from the server but a host machine.

                    On the host machine, all files are opened with "Admin" and a blank password in file options.

                    In preferences all users are set to "Admin"

                    All accounts and privileges have "Admin" active and with no password.

                    FileMaker sharing is on for all users, (and all files are visible in the available files dialog).

                    It is just when you start it on a client machine, it doesn't find them then, you click ok and remote, select the server and the file is not visible for selection.

                    I think I'm going to bite the bullet and mount it on the server to see if my pc is the problem.

                    Thankyou Ivan and Phil for your help, I'll post if it works.