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Hosting using external tables

Question asked by david583 on Nov 15, 2010
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Hosting using external tables


FMPro10 & FMPro11, FM Server11. Windows Network (XP & Vista)

We are currently creating a new solution from several older ones.

What we would like to do is run each of these older databases as external tables to create a new GUI accessing all sections as needed.

Problems started arising from this when we opened the new file remotely.

It kept saying the external source tables were not found, then when we use FM to find them by clicking the remote button and selecting the host it does not see all of them, only two of the five. They are all open on the host though with FM sharing turned on for all users.

I'm using the full path in 'Edit Data Source' i.e.

fmnet:/ Files/FileMaker/Chester2.0/file:Equipment_Audit.fp7

I'm not sure what I've done wrong to not see these files.

I should mention that we are hosting this from a normal desktop, it is not yet mounted on the server and probably won't be until completion.

Any ideas?