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    Hot Keys



      Hot Keys


      Hello again,

      Can I assign hot keys (keyboard commands) to trigger a script or to a button?

      after all this is all about data entry and don't like to go from keyboard to mouse then back to keyboard.


      any help would be appreiated 

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          If you display a script in the Scripts menu you will see that it assigns Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2 to each displayed script.  You can change the order of their display to select which number your script is assigned.

          That's one simple way.

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            For a given layout, you can use the OnKeystroke script trigger to run a script each time a key is pressed. This script can check to see if the "hot key" (possibly combined with a modifier key such as shift or control) was pressed and respond appropriately. Useful items to use in this script:

            Get ( Triggerkeystroke )
            Get ( TriggerModifierKeys )
            Code () //use to identify keys for invisibile characters such as tab or return
            Exit Script [false] //cancels out data entry of key stroke when it was a "hot key".

            With FileMaker advanced, you can also define a custom menu and assign short cut key combinations to perform the scripts listed in the custom menu. (Must be shortcuts not already used in system.)